Ceramic Animal Figurines

Ceramic Animal Figurines

Beswick Border Collie Pup

only £9.95

John Beswick Shih Tzu Jbd74

only £10.50

Piglet Sitting - Collectable Pig Ornament from John Beswick (JBF72)

only £10.07

John Beswick JBWM3 Wildlife Ornament Figure Badgers

only £12.50

John Beswick JBWM5 Wildlife Ornament Figure Roe Fawn

£13.00 £9.99

John Beswick Pampered Pooch Fawn French Bulldog Dog Ornament Figure

only £9.95

What are we all about?

Our Company, Ceramic Animal Figurines, specializes in Beswick, Border Fine Arts and Royal Doulton Animal Figurines.

These Figurines have become very desirable over several years and even more so today as animal lovers have realised their worth as collectable items. 

This is never more so, for example, than in Farming Communities, whose members often desire to display examples of their beloved and prized Farm Stock, and also those passionate about preserving Wild Life 

These long established porcelain Manufacturers have, over the years, produced ceramic animal figurines such as Horses, Cows and Pigs as well as Foxes Badgers and Otters etc. that have provided the discerning collector a wonderful choice of Figurines.

Why are these Ceramic Animal Figurines so special?

Peoples in every Culture throughout the World have developed special bonds with their animals. Working animals have assised the human race since the beginning of time and as we progressed many animals became domesticated and we took them into our homes as pets.  Today pets are becoming more and more exotic and we are also becoming more and more concerned about the preservation of animals in the wild.

It is easy to see the the World's passion for it's animals has not diminished and this has often been expressed in the creation of objects. Even from prehistoric times this has been the case.

In the 21st Century the breadth of objects made in the shape of animals is almost as wide as the animal kingdom itself.  Many Animal Lovers wish to surround themselves with ceramic animal figurines that represent their passion for their beloved living creatures.

Beswick, Border Fine Arts and Royal Doulton have met that need and created a Ceramic Animal Kingdom that is second to none.