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Beswick Birds

Robin  in Snow

Beswick Bird Figurine Beginnings

In the beginning the style of Beswick Birds was not very realistic but   changed quite rapidly. Bird Wall Plaques were being produced and became fashionable in the 1930's.  These were created by Mr Watkin, who initially introduced flying ducks, then blue-tits, pheasants and seagulls.  Later on in the thirties Beswick birds were fashioned on trunks or boughs of trees with flowers around about them.


A Modeller, Colin Melbourne, in the 1950's initiated what was known as the 'modern style' and these Beswick birds were labelled as the 'CM Series'. Later Graham Tongue was involved in the creation of bird figurines. He was very anxious that his Beswick bird figurines were accurate in every detail so he visited the Stoke on Trent City Museum and also local aviaries. By doing this he was able to produce very lifelike bird figurines. His collection, known as the Connoisseur range included the Pheasant and the Golden Eagle.

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Beswick Birds in Later Years

Nineteen eighty three saw the introduction of both glossy and matt finishes for most of the Beswick bird figurines.
Martyn Alcock joined the Beswick Team of Modellers and he has been responsible for several of the small size bird figurines.

Some of the birds have been modelled several times, such as the pheasant, or have been remodelled.
There are ninety-two different models of these porcelain bird figurines altogether not including Penguins, Swans, Ducks, Geese and Hens.(Which can be seen in another section)
There are forty models of birds in flight (Wall Plaques) including Ducks and Geese