Ceramic Animal Figurines

Beswick Cats and Kittens


Beswick Cats have become very collectable figurines. Just one kitten was produced at the beginning of the 20th Century but it was not until 1945 that Beswick began to manufacture more models. They have continued in popularity since that time and Beswick cats are now very varied ranging from the fine pedigree to the cheeky wee moggy. It could be said that this is because, over the years, several Beswick Modellers have been involved in creating cat figurines each in their own style.

 It would seem to be that Siamese and Persians are the most popular breed of cat and this is echoed by the present pedigree model collections, including a pair of Siamese kittens, modelled by Miss Granowska and first produced in 1953 but still being manufactured today.

Beswick Cats and Kittens come in a wide variety of models depicting different poses of the animal. Most of the models come in different colourways. See below for a more detailed description of colourways available.

The sizes of the Beswick Cats and Kittens vary with the smallest being just 3.2cm (1-1/4") in height and the tallest being 34.9cm (13-3/4") in height. The majority are around 10.1cm (4") to 16.5cm (6-1/2")

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Colourways and Date of Issue

Black Gloss                              1986 - 1989                  Grey (shaded) gloss               1965 - 1989
Black matt                                1984 - 1988                  Grey (smokey blue) gloss       1945 - 1970
British Blue (lead grey gloss)    1964 - 1966                  Grey striped gloss                  1962 - 1973
Chocolate Point gloss              1953 - 1963                  Grey Swiss roll gloss              1964 - 1966
Copper lustre                                       1971 Only          Royal blue gloss                    Only one example known
Ginger matt                               1984 - 1988                  Seal point gloss                     1963 - 1989
Ginger (dark) gloss                    1945 - 1970                  Seal point matt                      1984 - 1988
Ginger (pale) gloss                    1959 - 1963                  White (large eyes) gloss         1963 - 1989
Ginger striped gloss                  1965 - 1989                  White (small eyes) gloss        1945 - 1963
Ginger Swiss roll gloss              1964 - 1966                  White matt                             1984 - 1988
Grey matt                                   1984 - 1988                 White Zodiac cat                    1958 - 1970