Ceramic Animal Figurines

Beswick Dogs and Puppies

Beswick dogs have been produced at the Beswick Factory at Longton in Staffordshire since 1898.  Initially they were 'mantelpiece dogs'. In the 1930's the Company moved on to produce 'novelty' dog figurines.  These Beswick Dogs were quite unrealistic in appearance.

From 1939 Aurthur Gredington had been modelling very realisting looking horse figurines, even fashioning them on real live Winners.  In 1941 he began to model Champion Dogs, beginning with the Dalmation Champion, 'Arnoldene'.  He went on to model even more Champions, seven breeds in all in the first year and four more in 1942.

Most of the popular breeds were produced over the following years. Small and medium sized ceramic dogs were issued.  Eventually Beswick Dogs began to be modelled in action poses.

The Beswick Dogs have been so popular that they, like their horse counterparts, have been in production for forty or fifty years.

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