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Beswick Horses and Foals

It was Aurthur Gredington who modelled the first realistic Beswick Horse in 1939.  He produced the first version of the 1938 Derby winner Bois Roussel.  From that time Beswick became best known for it's Manufacture of horses, particularly models that were accurate in every detail, and especially of actual race horses.  Aurthur Gredington was responsible for the vast majority of the 150 horse models produced, However when he retired in 1968 Graham Tongue continued the tradition and produced many more accurately modelled horses.

The vast majority of the horses were made available in a matt as well as a gloss finish and in several colourways. Beswick horses, included famous racehorses specific breeds, the giant shire horses and children's ponies. Contemporary models by Colin Melbourne were eventually added. 

Most of the Beswick horses, while they were still produced in the Beswick factory, became Doulton Animals in August 1989 following Royal Doulton's acquisition of the Beswick Company, and began to carry the Royal Doulton backstamp.

Interestingly it was a horse model that was produced to mark the Beswick Centenary. Graham Tongue modelled a magnificent large rearing model of Downland Cancara. 

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In 1996 The Beswick horses and other Beswick Animals once again bore the Beswick backstamp. A few years previous to this in 1990 several models were Commissioned by the Beswick Collectors Circle and when this ceased to be in existence the Beswick Collectors Club. In 2000 and 2001 the range of Beswick horses were increased by several new models in the 'Spirit' and 'Connoisseur' Series.  All of these new models were mounted on either a slate effect or wooden base and were all in a matt finish.

Most unfortunately the Beswick Factory closed in 2002 but the Beswick Horses continue to be a great favourite with Collectors and it is likely they will continue to be so for many years to come.